Alyssia Abbott -

1 Hour Massage
Manipulation of the soft tissue to relieve muscle pain and dysfunction.
Price: NZ $80.00
90 Minute Therapeutic Massage
Manipulation of the soft tissue to relieve muscle pain and dysfunction.
Price: NZ $115.00
1 Hour Hot Stone Massage
Massage performed with the aid of warm basalt stones.
Price: NZ $95.00
1 Hour Hot Stone Massage:
Skin Deep Deluxe Gold Honey Facial
This luxurious and hydrating one hour facial is pure honey bliss. After a creamy deep cleanser the hydrating properties of honey are infused into your skin using a warm honey mask sealed with a silky soya and rosehip wax. When lifted, the now crystallized honey is used in a gentle exfoliation. Layers of targeted moisturisation and massage complete this dreamy treatment
Price: NZ $60.00
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Skin Deep Express Honey Facial
When your skin looks and feels like it’s lost its vitality – this quick, replenishing, detoxifying facial leaves it looking and feeling smoother and refreshed. Deep cleanse, exfoliate, honey gel mask and moisturise.
Price: NZ $40.00
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Belli Pregnancy Facial
The ingredients in Belli products are selected based upon an extensive review of published medical studies. Belli even follows a unique safety screening process to avoid ingredients with known links to birth defects or harmful effects while breastfeeding. The products are specifically designed to address the needs of hormonal skin, fighting acne, balancing uneven skin tone, hydrating, and completely safe for the bun in the oven. Enjoy a 30 minute facial.
Price: NZ $40.00
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Sleeping Beauty
Get cocooned up in a lavender herbal body wrap to help you drift off then enjoy a manuka honey facial and a dreamy scalp massage. To top it off: a one hour full body Swedish massage.
Price: NZ $210.00
Rapunzel Hair Renewal
This revitalising treatment includes a head and face massage, a natural hair mask for your hair type and a mini skin-brightening facial.
Price: NZ $125.00
Aromatherapy Body Bliss
You will choose an aromatherapy blend to be added to a sea salt body scrub and a body butter chrysalis. This is concluded with a one hour aromatherapy massage. An entirely unique experience.
Price: NZ $180.00
Mum-to-Be Pamper Package
Sometimes the beautiful miracle of pregnancy doesn't feel so beautiful, but a few hours of pampering can make all the difference. She'll start off with a foot bath to help ease her aching soles while a cocoa butter baby bump cocoon helps hard working skin stay supple and stretch-mark-free. Next a one hour pregnancy massage, tailored to address all her aches and pains, and a facial using Belli skincare products which are safe for baby, and designed specifically to help balance hormonal skin. Allow 2 hours. -$210
Price: NZ $210.00
New Mum Me-Time
Mummy and me time is wonderful, but sometimes Mum needs to have some time all to herself to unwind and restore her energy for baby. This is a one hour massage with special focus on the tight neck and shoulders, from looking down at your bundle of joy, an abdominal massage with tamanu oil to help reduce stretch marks and tighten the skin, and to help reduce the look of sleepless nights, an eye treatment with cooling green tea pillows, gentle sinus massage, and a firming eye cream.
Price: NZ $140.00
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Back 'Facial'
To take care of the often neglected skin of your back enjoy this 'facial' treatment. You will be cleansed, exfoliated, then a warm Dead Sea mud mask will sink in while you enjoy a dreamy scalp massage. The treatment is finished with a a deep seaweed moisturiser and a 30 Minute back, neck, and shoulder massage.
Price: NZ $60.00
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Athletic Recovery Dry Needling
Athletes, are you looking for a way to get a little bit faster? Trying to improve endurance, or raise the bar for a new personal best? This dry needling treatment targets trigger zones in the calves, hamstrings and quads, to release tension and help you achieve your best performance. Dry needling is becoming very popular with elite athletes and professional sports teams. It’s a great way to relieve tension and get you back on track with your training.
This treatment is advised post-event or at least 48 hours before optimal performance is required as some residual soreness after treatment is expected.
Price: NZ $70.00