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Lyss Abbott

Lyss Abbott trained extensively in Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork in the United States. She is experienced in many modalities of massage including remedial massage, neuromuscular therapy, Swedish massage, deep tissue, sports massage, trigger point dry needling, pregnancy massage, geriatric massage, and myofascial release.

As well as her massage qualification, Lyss has a Diploma of Professional Pilates Instruction. This allows her to prescribe functional movement exercises to help restructure biomechanical patterns that lead to pain and dysfunction. This gives clients the option of taking their pain into their own hands and provides them with tools to stop their pain before it gets unmanageable.

Having a BSc in Human Nutrition and Physiology helps Lyss to see the body holistically and gives her further insight into the root causes of muscle dysfunction. It also allows her to help clients to cultivate a healthier relationship with food and make sure they are getting all the vitamins and minerals they need for optimal performance every day. Lyss offers personalised dietary advice tailored to the individual and supporting their personal goals. You may have a family history of heart disease, cancer, or diabetes and want to tailor your diet to help avoid these illnesses. You may be looking to lose a bit of weight, or you may just want to have more energy to help you get through your days. Lyss can help with these things and more!

Lyss enjoys helping people realise that body pain isn't just a fact of life or a consequence of ageing, but rather is caused by misuse of the body. Seeing clients freed from pain that has dogged them for years is the most rewarding part of the work done at Point of Balance Bodywork.

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