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Corporate Massage


Business can provide their employees with massage therapy in a few ways. Some prefer to have the therapist come to the office where employees can schedule 30 minute sessions throughout the day. Other businesses prefer to give 30 minute vouchers to their employees as part of their remuneration that can be redeemed with the therapist by appointment.

Why invest in corporate massage?

Many businesses have found that offering massage to their employees results in increased productivity, lower rates of staff turnover, fewer sick days, and higher staff morale.

Many workers whether in an office, in a trade, doing hard labour, or sitting too much, develop patterns of muscle tension that cause pain and inhibit performance.

Not only does massage relieve tension and muscle dysfunction, it has also been proven to reduce stress, increase immune function, lower heart rate and blood pressure, improve circulation, and improve energy levels. In the context of corporate massage, it has been shown to help attract and retain great talent to the business, to make employees feel valued, to reduce workplace anxiety, and creates an atmosphere of trust and loyalty.

The reason corporate massage is growing so quickly in New Zealand is because it has a great return on investment, and employers can quickly see the benefits to their businesses. 

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