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Manipulation of the soft tissue to relieve muscle pain and dysfunction. Your treatment may include dry needling or myofascial cups if appropriate/ desired.

Studio: $90/ hour, $125/ 90 minutes, $170/2 hours.

On-Site: $120/ hour,

$170/ 90 minutes, $240/2 hours.

Hot Stone Massage

Massage performed with the aid of warm basalt stones. Let the heat melt the tension from your muscles.

Studio: $100/ hour, $135/ 90 minutes.

On-Site: $130/ hour,

$180/ 90 minutes.

*Please note: hot water and a power point must be provided to have hot stone massage on your site. 

Pregnancy Massage

Side-lying massage for all trimesters of pregnancy. Studies indicate that massage during pregnancy can reduce anxiety, relieve muscle aches and joint pains, and improve labour outcomes and newborn health.

Studio: $90/ hour, $125/ 90 minutes.

On-Site: $125/ hour,

$180/ 90 minutes.

Initial Nutrition Consultation

Starting off on your nutrition journey we will look at your current dietary intake and break it down to see the macronutrients, vitamins, minerals, and energy you eat each day. Baseline biometrics will be taken, including blood pressure, weight, height, and a finger prick blood test for lipids and sugars. We'll discuss your nutrition goals and preferences to make sure we come up with a plan to suit your lifestyle. You will go home with general suggestions for dietary changes to help you meet your nutritional needs and health or weight goals.

*Please note: the bloods must be taken after at least 8 hours of fasting, so most people will prefer a morning appointment. 

$130 - one hour  

6 Week Nutrition Coaching Package

This package begins with an Initial Nutrition Consultation, then carries on with regular thirty minute check-ins (either in the clinic or online) at weeks one, two, and four. Finally, on week six you will have another in-person sixty minute session, repeating the biometric measurements to see how things have changed and set a course for the future. The six-week package includes a total 3.5 hours with nutritionist, a meal planning booklet, two sets of biometric tests including blood tests, weight, and blood pressure, as well as dietary analysis and meal planning assistance.


Follow-Up Nutrition Coaching Sessions

Any additional thirty-minute follow-up nutrition coaching sessions whenever you feel the need. These can be in person or online meetings. 

This offers more flexibility than a full nutrition coaching package, and can be purchased after any initial consultation or package. People may find this most helpful if they lose motivation on their nutrition journey, or need some specific focused work around an event or challenge they are facing.

$50 - half hour

Add an Infrared Sauna

The studio space at Point of Balance Bodywork has a spacious infrared sauna which can be booked for use before your massage session. Infrared saunas have been shown to have many health benefits, and may help to treat or prevent high blood pressure, heart failure, dementia and Alzheimer's disease, headache, type 2 diabetes, and arthritis. They are also very effective at relaxing the soft tissues, making them more responsive to massage treatment.

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